My Breakdancing Mad Scientist

It’s been a few hours so I feel like I’ve had enough time to process the events of this mornings shenanigans. I was getting ready for the day when Haden came upstairs 

“Hey mom, we can’t  eat breakfast at the table. We’ll have to find somewhere else” 
I was instantly concerned- this couldn’t be good. 
“Um why, Haden?” 

“Well, I was doing science. And there was an explosion. And so, it’s everywhere”

I ran down stairs and the smell was the first thing to hit me. I can’t even describe it. I have a very, very strong stomach- I can’t remember the last time I even vomitted and trust me, I’ve cleaned up some gross stuff as a mom. This one tested my stomach in a way I can’t even put to words. Lying on the table was an empty bottle of carpet shampoo, a jar of basalmic vinegar, an empty container of salt, a bottle of vegetable oil, and LOTS and LOTS of spices. The smell! I tried to hold myself together, I just kept saying “oh my gosh” and then this logical part of me which kept reminding me not to squash his little budding scientist spirit. He could tell I was upset (read: on the verge of puking and slightly horrified at the mess). He said “Are you mad, mom?! I’m sorry!” I said “No bud, I love that you are so curious and love science so much! But next time I need you to ask for assistance when you want to do science, ok?” 

Life with Haden never gets old, it is literally new every day. Every day brings a new and exciting project we must DO RIGHT NOW!!! His zealous for life is both overwhelming and rather inspiring. It’s a very confusing feeling as a mom :). I would say, whoever coined the term “spirited” child must have had a lens on the future of my parenthood. He is literally the most determined person I know, all wrapped up in a small little 6 year old body. 

His “calling” changes daily- from YouTube breakdancing star (yes, he specifically asks me to upload his dancing to YouTube “for the world to see”) to mad scientist, from performing in his rock star band on our “stage” (aka back porch), it’s a never ending series of exciting and thrilling stages of excitement around here. I love him and his ability to throw himself into ever part of life that peeks his interest. 

It’s exhausting sometimes, to be completely candid. His ideas are relentless, like, no exaggeration. Even last week he saw a 5 hour energy in wal mart and REALLY thought he needed it. He begged me for a solid 15 minutes until finally giving up on the idea. Ideas aren’t just something to give up, ok mom? I’ve been placed on this earth to remind you of that. (This is what I imagine he’s trying to tell me). 

I did a little post experiment interview with him, if you’d like to hear his personal thoughts:

Also, if you haven’t seen his most recent breakdancing performance, you can see the epic-ness here:

Haden, you inspire me to never give up. You inspire me to keep dreaming. You remind me that life is exciting and thrilling and should never be taken for granted. You are amazing, kid. ❤️