About Us


I am Nicole.


I enjoy things such as: traveling. The smell of crayola crayons and my children’s heads (not together). Any form of cheese. Poppin’ cinnamon gum like it’s hot. The guy who sleeps next to me at night (except the socks he wears).

I have an excessively bad habit of not returning library books. I don’t shut cupboard doors. I am the worst mom between the times of 6-9am in the morning.

I have spent an exuberant amount of time singing karaoke in my lifetime, I don’t regret that decision. I once met the Jazzercise lady. I love lamp.

This is Haden:

He will tell anyone who will listen about his mad breakdancing skills. His favorite food is psghetti and pizza. He has 1,000 imaginary brothers that come from China (he knows only a few of their names, ask him, he will tell you!).

He pronounces “Vancouver” Vancoober, but we never correct him. He is passionate about life, especially if life involves pokemon or anything with sugar!

This is Sadie:

She has the most giving heart a 4 year old could have, in fact she’s often caught giving her money to her brother just to make him happy (last week she paid for a very interesting back massage from him).

She often tells me about her dreams of ponies (last night they were crossing the sea). She will do anything for a chocolate cupcake. Her best friend is a tube of bright red lipstick.

This is Kellen:

He is convinced that you must swallow the fortune in the cookie for it to come true. He thinks if you add “it’s science” after everything you say, people will always believe you. He likes old stuff, like trucks that don’t run (Nicole is still figuring this one out) and he has a strange obsession with Husky football.

He is the greatest daddy and husband we could ever ask for, even when he tells us cheesy jokes.