Cave Trekking

“You ready for big spider?” Asked our guide. 
“No sir. Thank you. Goodbye”
….Is what I wanted to say but…it was too late. We had already hiked 2.5km through the jungle to the entrance of the cave, and it was time to go in. We strapped on our giant neon green headlamps and followed. 

I wasn’t expecting the length and time we’d be in there. I knew we’d be walking through water at some points, but I had no idea we’d be maneuvering through narrow wedged boulders and swimming through sections. It was dark, there were bats lining the ceilings, and giant spiders on the walls, some bigger than my hand. To say I wasn’t nervous and scared would be a massive lie- I was eagerly anticipating the light at the end of the tunnel (literally). After around 40 minutes trekking through the cave, we finally found that light, and I took a deep breath. It was an experience I won’t ever forget.