A House that Floats

It’s 10pm and I’m sitting on the dock just outside of our floating lake house anchored in Khao Sok National park. We are surrounded by the jungle, it’s noises, it’s peacefulness. I’ve just taken an evening swim in the warm lake water and stared up at the stars, reflecting on the day’s events. After waking up in our bungalow this morning, early still due to a bit of lingering jet lag I am sure, we packed up and headed to the open air restaurant to connect to wifi and call the kids-I couldn’t wait to tell them about the cave temple monkeys. We discovered they were at their cousin Cohen’s house and wanted absolutely nothing to do with talking to us other than a brief “hi Mom, hi dad!”-a bittersweet feeling for sure. It’s good to know even when we are away they are being loved and cared for so well. 

After breakfast we boarded a van (called “minibus” here in Thailand) and drove into the nearby town to pick up some provisions for the day’s adventure. Our tour guide said he was buying food for us to eat out on the lake, right there from the market. We walked around the market and saw all kinds of interesting and, dare I say, questionable types of foods- the heads of pigs and all other body parts laying out, fish and seafood or all kinds, pink eggs, and other fascinating things to look at. I didn’t have my camera but since this wasn’t really a tourist type market, more of a local one, I would have felt strange taking pictures any way. 

Hopping back in the minibus and a bit more drive, we arrived at the pier for Khao Sok, which was busy with tourists boarding longtail boats to transport to their accommodations around the lake. The boat ride to our lakehouses took us just under an hour, observing the amazing lake and scenery as we went, the turquoise green water and jutted mountains covered in lush jungles and rock face cliffs. I’ve never felt water this warm before, being a Pacific Northwest girl. It is seriously amazing. 

The rest of the day was spent kayaking, swimming, and enjoying food provided by the family who lives here at the lakehouses. Just before dinner our guide took us out on an evening “safari” which had us pulling into coves around the lake and spotting monkeys swinging from the trees. We met a young British couple named Ellie and Mitch, and finished the evening drinking Chang beers on the large floating common area, listening to stories of their traveling adventures through Southeast Asia so far.