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Over the next year, I’m planning to post reviews of hikes I’ve done or plan to do with the kids in Kitsap county and the Olympic National Forest! Hopefully my fellow Olympic Peninsula hiking parents (or visitors!) might find it useful! Up first is our adventure to the Port Gamble trails!

Name of Hike: “Olympic Resource Trails”

Length: 2.8 Miles (took us 1hr & 20 minutes)

Elevation gain: minimal to none

If I know one thing about the month of February, it’s that we get antsy! There is just no doubt about it, we’ve pulled through the holidays and long fall/winter PNW days and by February every single year Kellen and I are ready to GO OUTSIDE! It’s no wonder we usually find ourselves on our first family hike of the year just around this time, and 2018 was no different.

We made up our minds last minute to do a family hike right before a super bowl party, so we had little time to prepare. I hopped on the alltrails app and pulled up one we hadn’t done before: titled the “Olympic Resource Trails.” Its a 2.8 mile loop near Port Gamble, just off Port Gamble road. You’ll want to look for the big orange gate, when you see it, you’ll know you’re at the start of the loop!

This loop is actually a part of a giant series of trails in that area that are used for biking, horseback riding, and runners/ hikers. For this reason, I highly suggest charging up your phone and getting the alltrails app to track which turns to take, as I could imagine getting lost could be super easy! Here’s what the loop looks like on alltrails:

Pro tip: my friend who hikes often told me to always snap a pic of the physical map when you start a hike. You can always refer back to it if your gps isn’t working!

The loop starts out on a wide gravel road, but once you get about halfway through you’ll end up taking a smaller path that is much more like “hiking” through the forest. It’s a beautiful route and you’ll pass lots of little creeks!

Haden decided to carry his special walking stick the entire way, and marked our trail for us. We even found it on the way back, so he was convinced we had gone the right way (haha).

We’ve got two very eager hikers that really enjoy all things nature, but they aren’t the quickest bunch- that 2.8 miles took us about 1 hour and 20 minutes, with some stops for pinecone collecting along the way. I was pretty proud of the slightly minimal whining toward the end- these kids like some exercise!

We are definitely planning more local hikes with the kids, some ones we’ve done before and some new ones around Kitsap and beyond as well! Stay tuned!

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