My potential obituary 

In a rare and unfortunate circumstance sometime before 7am Valentine’s Day morning, Nicole has passed away from what can only be described as “cuddle suffocation.” Ironically on the holiday of love, too much love has gone too far, as her family surrounded and squeezed her her one by one, she was slowly forced deeper into the mattress where she gasped for air but eventually met her demise. Investigators are exploring the possibility that the fact that her husband was wearing socks could have something to do with it. The three perpetrators seem to show no real remorse and are in fact happy to have have smothered by their love, stating “what’s for breakfast?” Instead of a funeral, Nicole has requested a karaoke party and has stated she expects each guest to sing no matter of their vocal ability. Please respect the departed’s wishes. Also, bring queso. Just in case she rises from the dead and wants a snack. These are her pre-suffocation requests.