Seriously though, where can I find a turtle shell? 

Legit thoughts in motherhood this past week: 
I imagine turtles were once lizards that were just moms who decided they needed to protect their vital organs because their children bounced on them all of the time. I often feel I need a shell. Curling into a fetal position is my only attempt at protecting my vital organs. It is becoming ever apparent that my kids want to squash my kidneys or something. They are like flying squirrels who seem to think I am the fluffiest landing pad they can see (ok, I see their reasoning now.)

Me, saying goodbye to a fully functional organ: 

Serious question though: how bad of a parent would I be if I refused to intervene during all sibling fighting except when things got physical? Like seriously, is that being a really bad parent OR A really good parent? I mean obviously it has to build some kind of conflict resolution skills, right? The jury is still out on this. Only accepting input from other moms who also want to occasionally lock themselves in closets with a bottle of wine.

My kids displaying their natural primate behavior:

This meltdown brought to you by asking him to get his shoes on (it’s tough, ok?!?):

I guess the real concerning question on my mind is this: why and when did my children decide that this is an acceptable way to take a photo? 

Oh excuse me, I forgot about this completely over executed pose:
But seriously just when my head is about to explode into a million pieces and I dial their daddy to talk me down, this happens:

And I remember that OH.MY.LAWD I love these two tiny crazy people more than life itself!! Sometimes, I just need a strong cup o coffee and a whole lotta love ❤️