White Noise

There is white noise all around us. It is so faint we don’t notice-but if we aren’t careful it can consume us. It is the constant opinion of others, the feelings of insecurity, the feeling of inadequacy. It often begins as a tiny hum and quickly turns into what we accept to be truth. 

It is the constant chattering on social media that makes us feel less, or sad, or hurt, or left out. It’s the desire to want more than what we’ve been given. It’s the feeling that nothing will ever be worse than where we are. When really, if we just stopped and looked around, we’d see clearly that what we’ve been given is more than enough.

I am quieting that white noise. Or at least, I am trying. Trying is the best I can do. 

I am speaking the truth to myself in the moments of margin that the white noise previously filled. I am reminding myself of the beauty that comes from the simplicity of each moment. I am choosing to quiet that white noise before it swallows me again, like it has so many times before. I am remembering that without that noise, I can hear the beauty of the earth, the truths in my heart, and the magic of my soul. In the quiet, I know those things.