Yo shorty 

Hey hey it’s my birthday! I’m officially the age I will remain forever, since it is a well known fact in our family that all women turn 29 and remain that age for the rest of their lives. Just ask my grandma and she will tell you, she’s been “29 and holding” for my entire 29 years now 😂

I’ve gotta be honest, getting older scares the ish outta me. But then again, there’s perks to it as well. Time is a glorious thing because with it comes experience, opinions, and most of all: the ability and purpose of just freaking loving yourself. For some reason this last one is a toughie but I feel the older I get, the more I can confidently tell myself how cool I am. Gosh darn it, Nicole, YOU ARE COOL! 

In celebration of the big 2-9, I thought I’d reflect on some of my birthday memories thus far. I would like to inform you all that I did call my mom to jog my memory on my childhood birthdays, and her main thoughts came down to that the nurses wanted her to name me Patty (in honor of st Patrick’s day) and also that she remembered being relieved on my 1st birthday that I had survived thus far because she had dropped me pretty hard when I was a baby?!? That explains a few things 😂😂😂

Birthdays of my childhood seem to be a bit of a blur: mostly filled with green, sleepovers, the times my mom bought special lunches for me to take to school (I’m carrying that tradition on with my kids). My 10th Birthday where we stuffed balloons in our shirts to look like boobs and had a dance party in my grandparents basement (we may, or may not have, raided my grandmas makeup cabinet and ruined most of her makeup, but I plead the 5th) my 12th birthday laser tag party, to 14 where my friend who asked me to the 9th grade dance with a build a bear (nailed it, Andy!). Those were some of my favorite birthday memories so far. 

(10th birthday, balloons in shirts, we were so sophisticated)

(12th birthday laser tag party, the second photo depicts the relevance of the Charlie’s Angels reboot at the time, of course) 

And on the reverse side, whatever happens today, don’t worry, I already got my worst birthday out of the way when I turned 16 and failed the drive test because I cut left on a round about. I knew it could only go up from there…
My 21st birthday was naturally celebrated with jagger bombs at the Irish pub in our hometown, followed by what I am told we’re my most rewarding hugs to the people I love ever 😂

Fast forward to my 23rd birthday and I was in labor with my kid. Ok, the labor part kinda sucked- but nothing was better than getting to meet that kid on my birthday 🙂 and my mother never fails to remind me that all throughout the process I never removed my green beer earrings, like the true pseudo-Irish girl I am. 

(A pretty good shot of my awesome earrings) 

Birthdays look a lot different these days, but sharing it with Haden has been some of the very most special memories I could have ever asked for. Experiencing the magic and excitement through his eyes is the best thing I could ever ask for on our special day. 

So cheers, folks, to green beer and lucky clovers and leprechauns and birthday wishes. Maybe if we’re lucky, Haden will finally fly like he’s been wishing for for a few years now 👍🏻😂